Dienne’s Addio is a 32 minute study on loss and mourning. Following the death of her grandmother due to covid, and unable to say a proper goodbye due to travel restrictions, Dienne set out to give her Addio through musical form. She lets objects fall, leaves windows open, and lets the wind dust off the shelves. This is the sound of everyday mourning, a taste instead of an event. A lingering, broken and patient work of undeniable beauty.

Written, arranged & mixed by Dienne Bogaerts

Additional Mixing & Arrangement by Sander Stuer

Tranquillo written by Dienne & Nelle Bogaerts
Mastering by Gert Van Hoof
Artwork by Africanus Okokon and Maziyar Pahlevan

Released on Other People on 26th of August 22' 

Hello world


‘Ambient Layers Vol. II’, part of 7K!’s Layers series, presents 21 unreleased and exclusive compositions from a wide-ranging cast of international artists.

Dienne's track APCF represents a fracture

using the grace of the oboe in an unsettling context

blended together into a two-part work

This compilation offers a snapshot of the multifaceted genre of ambient music by showcasing 21 compositions exploring its boundless nature.

Released on 26th of May 23' on 7K! music 

Listen to Dienne's track APCF here: 

KMRU – Or Even Forever Marconi Union – Inland Borders Olec Mün – Unmani Jacaszek – Chant 2 Paolo Angeli – Gomena Loscil – Two Chambers Skalpel – Syntetik Tomat – bladfald Wataru Sato – Crossing Horizons Arigto – Stoic Reservation JoyCut – C-KDASTER Cubenx – Playa Malpaso Earth Begins, Stead & Gommarosa – Iride Psycho & Plastic – No End Marko Nyberg feat. Petja Virikko – Inevitable George Hurd – Silent Winter Jonsjooel – Sand/Brother Dienne – APCF Bios Contrast – The Fog of War Sundrugs – Rapids Inlet Industry – OSS (Ambient Layers Mix)


CONDUCTURIS, a collaboration between Mira Sanders, Cédric Noël & Dienne commissioned by and created for Chaleur humaine, the second edition of the Trienniale Art & Industrie.

CONDUCTURIS is a film installation project that, by use of the cinematic codes of the road movie, speculates on the results of an investigation into the construction of an artificial brain and the required infrastructure in the Swiss landscape.

Full HD video // 00:30:00 // poster inkjet print laminated on aluminium, 60 × 85 cm // digital screen // steel structure and recycled wood //600 × 300 × 180 cm

Author is Mira Sanders and Cédric Noël

Musical composition, instruments and voice Dienne Bogaerts

Opera voice Jony Overdijk

Sound production and mixing Dienne Bogaerts

Scenographic design Carl Bourgeois

Translation into English Sofia Dati and Fabio Bego

Thanks to Jeanne Noël for the drawing of a flower on the grave of J. L. Borges.

Curatorial team Chaleur humaine Anna Colinand Camille Richert, assisted by Henriette Gillerot // Frac Grand Large - Hauts-de-France team Keren Detton, Élodie Staes, Agnès Biro, Thibault Fournaise// LAAC team Sophie Warlop, Hanna Alkema // Lissa Kinnaer Flanders Arts Institute //Pascale Viscardy Direction des Arts plastiques contemporains de la FWB

A co-production
Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles
Vlaamse overheid
Frac Grand Large - Hauts-de-France

Chaleur Humaine
Triennale Art & Industrie

Hauts De France
10.06.2023 - 14.01.2024


A dance performance for families and children from the age of 6.

A reverie beginning with 4 people, obliged to escape the globe in search of a habitable planet. The astronauts fight against gravity, detect sparkling planets and meet all kinds of foreign creatures. 

Dance theater meets science fiction.

Stellar Boem is a voyage of discovery through space, a dancing fantasy about life in another universe, as well as life in general.

concept & choreography: Anastassya Savitsky

dancers: Nicolas Vladyslav, Libby Ward, Elliot Minogue-Stone/Yorrith De Bakker, Anastassya Savitsky/Andreia Rondriguez

music: Isao Tomita, Dienne Bogaerts, Jonas Vermeulen

costumes & puppets: Astrid Michaelis, Janneke Hertoghs

lighting design: Elke Verachtert, Tim Oelbrandt

technique: Pieter Kint/Wim Bernaers

projection: Gertjan Biasino

external look: Marc Maillard

co-production: Theater FroeFroe, HET LAB/Krokusfestival

with the support of the Flemish Government, City of Antwerp

with thanks to Het Paleis